Welcome! On this site I will collect some translations and editions of Buddhist classics. The main item as of now though, is a Sanskrit grammar. The languages that I may use are Sanskrit, Pāli, Tibetan, English and Swedish. Since I consider each of them a unique publication they will all have a typography of their own.


- Lennart Warnemyr, MA, M.Sc.

Lund, Sweden.





An Analytical Cross Referenced Sanskrit Grammar.

A Sanskrit grammar of mine, which describes the old classic language of India in some detail in a semi-formal language with full paradigms (when possible).


The Vajra Seven-Line Prayer.

With a summary of Mipham Namgyal’s commentary done by Tulku Thondup.


21 Taras

A Nyingma commentary on the Tantra of Twenty-one Homages to Tārā (Āryatārā-namaskāraikaviṃśatistotram) together with the original sanskrit and vocabulary.