This web of Sanskrit grammar has been in the works for four years now. I came up with the idea when writing some notes on my word processor during a Sanskrit course at Lund University. The notes grew, and I thought: why not make a internet web site of it? I devised the nomenclature, wrote the text, designed the layout, did the graphics, edited the fonts and finally encoded it all in html. (Thus the four years!)


In the professional sphere I want to thank two persons. First of all, Prof. Olle Qvarnström who took time off his busy schedule too test drive the site before going on line. My greatest thanks though, goes to Dr. Martin Gansten who first of all taught me the language (not an easy task, since on a scale from 1 to 10 I started at -3). He has answered many a stupid question over the years, always with deep knowledge, keen interest and obvious enthusiasm. He kindly let me use his lecture notes from the above mentioned and other courses to fill in the gaps when I didn't understand the standard grammars or needed an example in the syntax section. He also test drove the site. Namo mahācāryābhyām!


In the private sphere I simply just want say hi to my lovely nine year old daughter Linnea who is a constant inspiration, nityam eva hṛdaye me tiṣṭhasi! :


aye lineye!


Lund 2005-02-24,