Questions (Q)

Q concerning the whole fact/action


This kind of Q is most often indicated by an interrogative particle (kim, api, kaccit).


When a Q is marked by an particle it is put first


When a Q is not marked by a particle the is often put first.




Kim saḥ gataḥ? (1 & 2)

‘Has he gone?’

Api bhavataḥ śivam? (1 & 2)

‘Are You in good health?’

Api satyam. (1 & 2)

‘Is it true?’

Asti tasya durātmanaḥ pratiṣedha-upāyaḥ kaścit? (3)

‘Is there any means for checking that wicked man?’

Q concerning elements of the fact/action

This kind of Q is indicated by a pronoun (kaḥ) or an adverb (kva, kutaḥ, kim iti), often put first.




Kena pustakam apanītam? (4)

‘Who has stolen the book?’

Kva gataḥ tava mayi anurāgaḥ? (4)

‘What has become of your affection for me?’

Kutaḥ kālāt? (4)

‘Since what time?’