√ 1 as, “be”

2 aś

1 as

2 as


II. ásti sánti etc. (edhí) V.+ (sva sma smahe asate M., syāmahe C1.)


ā́sa ā́sitha etc. V.+


ásu V.+ ásta V.+-asti V.+-āsa(itiha-) AV.+ stí V.B.


ásti 1 v be, exist, happen, become; be present or at hand; fall or belong to (G or D), be enough for (G), be able to (D); turn to, serve for (2D). astu or evamastu well, so be it. With na not be, be gone. Pers. or impers. with another fin. verb = I happen to or it happens that I, e.g. asti paśyasi do you happen to see ? asmi vikrīṇe I happen to sell.


ati be beyond, surpass (A).

api be in or with (L), fall or belong to (L or D); partake of (impers. w. G & L).

abhi be above, rule, overcome, conquer. win; *fall to one's (G) share.

upa be in or with, partake of (A).

pari overtake; pass or spend (time).

pra be prominent, excel.

prati equal, emulate (A).

sam equal, reach; be together with (saha).