brū, “say”

2 bṛh, vṛh




II. brávīti bruvánti etc. brūté bruváte etc. V.+ (brūmi R., bravīhi E.+, abrūvan U., abravat ? M. bravīthās -īta U.)

VI. abruvam U.E., bruvadhvam M., bruvamāṃa C


√-Ao: brūyāsta M1


-brava V.


-bruva AV.+




brávīti brūté v say, tell (A of th. & G, D, L of pers; or 2A), speak to (A, r. G); name, call (2A), speak of (A prati or adhikṛtya); answer (punar); announce, foretell; Ā (P) call one's self or profess one's self to be (N, r. + iti). – acchā Ā call near.

ati abuse, revile.

adhi encourage, console, comfort (D), speak in favour of or intercede for (D).

anu pronounce, recite; teach, rehearse to (D), address reverentially (D), invite a person (D) to (G); say, speak; take for, recognize; Ā repeat, learn by heart.

apa speak off, i.e. conjure, charm with words; console a person (Ab) for the loss of (A).

ā Ā converse.

ud renounce, give up (A or G).

upa Ā (P) speak to (A), beg for (D, r. A), invoke, persuade.

nis pronounce (clearly and singly), explain.

pra tell forth, proclaim, announce, teach, praise, relate, betray, call, describe as (2A).

prati speak back, answer; Ā return (an attack etc.).

vi speak out, utter, state, explain, answer a question; declare falsely; contradict, disagree; Ā dispute, contend.

sam PĀ talk together, converse; Ā consent, agree, say anything to (2A).