pad, “go”





II. ? padyām R1., patsva M1

IV. pádyate etc. V.+,-ti etc. AB.E


Simple Future: patsyati etc. B.+ (patsyantu C.),-te etc. U.+

Periphrastic Future: pattā


√-Ao: apadi ŚB. (3s. pass. ?) apadmahi etc. VS.-dran RV. (padāti -dāt V.; padīṣṭá V.); ápādi pā́di V.+

RAo: apīpadat AV.B

-s-Ao: apatsi etc. V.B.U. (patthās AV.)


papāda pedus etc. V.+, pede etc. B.+


pādáyati etc. V.+,-te etc. AV.+ (pādyate etc. B.+; pipādayiṣati B.+)


pitsati B.,-te C


panīpadyate C

Verbal Nouns

PPP: panná AV.+; Inf: páttum B.+,-tave RV.,-tos B.; 2Abs: -pádya V.+;-pádas V.B.;-pā́dam B.+


-pad V.+


pattí AV.+


-pādin C.


-pitsā C.


pā́d V.+


-pattavya E.+


-pā́dya B.+


-pitsu C.


padá V.+


-pattṛ C.


-pādana E.+


-patsu C.


-padana B.U.S.


-padva ? C.


-pādanīya C.


-pādayitavya C.


padanī́ya B.+


-pāda B.+


pādú ? RV.MS.


-pādayitṛ C.


-pádi RV1.


-pādaka E.+


pā́duka B.C.


-pipādayiṣā C.








-pipādayiṣu C.




pádyate (pádyati) v PPP panná 1 (q.v.) fall, drop, fall out, sink down, perish; (mostly – ) go, step, tread; go to (A). Caus. pādáyati, pádyate (ti), PPP panná 1 (q.v.) fall, drop, fall out, sink down, perish; (mostly – ) go, step, tread; go to (A). Caus. pādáyate bring to fall.


ati go beyond (A); transgress, neglect (also Caus. ).

anu go after, follow, betake one's self to or into; get at, befall.

apa escape.

api enter.

abhi approach, appear, betake one's self to or into, meet with (A, r. L); catch, seize, overpower, master, undertake, accept.

ava fall down or out; lose, be deprived or fall short of (Ab).

ā come near, approach, enter; get into, meet with (A), esp. get in trouble, meet with an accident; happen, occur, be; evamāpadyate so is it. Caus. cause to go or enter, bring to or into (A), esp. bring to fall, ruin, destroy; bring near, procure, occasion; get, obtain. abhyā get into (A). pratyā come back, return. vyā perish, be lost; Caus. destroy, kill. samā attack, assail; get into (A); occur, appear.

ud come forth or out of (Ab), be born, happen, occur, appear, arise, begin. Caus. P (Ā) procreate, beget with (L), cause, effect, produce, bring forth; grow (plants or animals), spill (blood), kindle (fire). vyud originate (scil. from a root), have an etymology (g.). Caus. produce, cause; derive, trace back to a root (g.). samud come forth, be born of (L), happen, occur, present one's self. Caus. bring forth, effect, cause, produce.

upa fall upon, attack; come near, approach (esp. for aid or instruction); get to or into (A or L), fall to the lot of (G); happen, occur, take place, appear as (N), turn to (D); be fit or right. Caus. bring about, cause, effect, arrange, prepare; make or appoint (2A); present or furnish with (2A or A of pers. & I of th.); give (also in marriage), offer, procure, bestow on (A of th. & D, r. L of pers.); find out, ascertain, prove. abhyupa approach, ask for help (A); endow or furnish with (I).

ni lie down, rest; lie with (A); Caus. lay down, fell, destroy. anuni & upani (A) lie with.

nis come forth, spring up, arise, ripen, be accomplished. Caus. P (Ā) bring about, make ripe, prepare, accomplish, settle, decide. abhinis come to, enter (A), come forth, appear.

pra come or resort to (A), visit, enter, get, obtain, meet with (A), undertake, begin; happen, take place, become, be; assent, agree. anupra enter after (A), follow, obey. abhipra approach, enter, undertake, begin; get at, resort to (A). saṃpra enter (together), repair or resort to (A); be accomplished or brought about.

prati step to, enter upon, resort to, get at or into, meet with (A), undertake, begin; happen, take place; perform, accomplish, make = reddere (2A), do anything to, behave towards (L, G, or A); find out, learn, understand, think, judge (w. anyathā falsely); accede, yield, consent, confess, promise, answer (uttaram). Caus. lead or bring to (A); get, procure; give (also in marriage) to, present, bestow on (2A or A of th. & L, D, or G of pers.); cause, effect, produce; make clear, explain, teach, show. viprati go hither and thither, be perplexed or uncertain, waver. saṃprati go to, get at (A); obtain, recover; consent, agree, acknowledge; take for (2A).

vi fall asunder, go amiss, fail, perish, die. Caus. destroy, kill.

sam fall to, devolve upon (L or G); turn out well, succeed, prosper; come together, meet with, get at (A or I); arise, be born, become (N or D = turn out to be, be changed into). Caus. P (Ā) procure, furnish, present, provide (A of th. & D or G of pers. or A of pers. & I of th.); bring about, accomplish, make ready, prepare, transform, make into (2A), get, obtain; agree, consent. abhisam be changed into, become like (A); get at, obtain (A or L). Caus. make into or like (A). upasam come to, arrive at (A). Caus. bring near, procure.

Cf. avapanna, āpanna, utpanna, upapanna, upasaṃpanna, niṣpanna, pratipanna, pratyutpanna, pratyupapanna, prapanna, vipanna, vipratipanna, vyutpanna, samutpanna, sápanna.