plu, “float”

plī ( ?)




I. plávate etc. V.+,-ti etc. B.+

II ? pluvīta S., apluvan E


Simple Future: ploṣyati -te etc. B


RAo: apuplavat, ápiplavam ŚB

-s-Ao: aploṣṭa etc. B


pupluve B.+,-vus E.+


plāvayati etc. B.+,-te etc. E.+ (plāvyate C.); plavayati C1




poplūyate etc. B.+

Verbal Nouns

PPP: plutá AV.+; 2Abs: -plutya U.S.+,-plū́ya ŚB.K


plavá V.+


plavana S.+


plāva B.+


plāvya E.+


plavaka E.


plavitṛ E.


-plāvaka C.


plāvana B.+


-plavin C.


pluti S.+


plāvin B.+


plāvayitṛ E.



Compare √ pru.



plávate v (plávati), PPP plutá (q.v.) float, swim, bathe, sail; vibrate, hover, soar, fly; blow (wind), pass away (time); spring, jump, dance. Caus. plāvayati, te make float or swim, inundate, overflow, cover with (I), bathe, cleanse, wash away, remove.

Int poplūyate swim about.


abhi sail or move towards (A), spring or hasten near, attack, visit. samabhi inundate, submerge, attack, visit.

ava immerse; jump down or off.

ā bathe, plunge, or wash (trans. & intrans.); overflow, inundate, cover; jump near, over, up, or off. Caus. = S. trans.; Ā also bathe (intrans.). upanyā swim near or towards (A). samā bathe (intrans.); overflow, cover thoroughly.

ud spring up, emerge, rise.

upa swim on the surface, float upon, hover towards, overflow, cover, veil, eclipse, attack, assail.

pari swim about, bathe; flood, inundate; soar about, fly through; spring about, move restlessly, waver, go astray.

pra go to sea (A); Caus. cause to float away, wash or flood with water.

vi go asunder, be dispersed, fall into disorder, go astray, be ruined, perish. Caus. make swim; flood, inundate; spread abroad, divulge; ruin, destroy.

sam flow together, gather, contract (intrans.); fluctuate, waver (mind). Caus. gather, contract (trans.), flood, inundate.

Cf. abhiparipluta (add.), abhipluta, āpluta, upapluta, prápluta, vipluta, saṃpluta.