kṛṣ, “drag, plough”





I. kárṣate etc. V.+-te etc. B.+

VI. kṛṣáti -te etc. V.+


kṛṣyáte etc. B.+


Simple Future: krakṣyánt S., krakṣye B., karkṣyati karṣiṣyánt B

Periphrastic Future: karṣṭā, kraṣṭā


RAo: acīkṛṣam RV. acakarṣat

-s-Ao: akārkṣīt, akrākṣīt

-sa- Ao: akṛkṣat etc. B. (akṛkṣathās ŚB.)


cakarṣa etc. (cakarṣatus) B.+


karṣayati etc. E.+


cárkṛsati etc. V.B. carīkṛṣ-



Verbal Nouns

PPP: kṛṣṭá AV.+; Inf: kraṣṭum E.+; 1Abs: kṛṣṭvā́ B.+; 2Abs: -kṛṣya S.+


karṣa S.+


karṣū́ B.+


kā́rṣi ,-ṣín B.


kṛṣya S.+


karṣaka E.+


karṣaṇa E.+


kā́rṣman RV.


kṛṣṭí V.+


karṣin ,-ṣí B.+


karṣaṇīya C.


kṛṣí V.+


kraṣṭavya C.








-kraṣṭṛ C.



It does not seem worth while to divide this root, evidently one, into two nearly related ones, as is often done.


kárṣati kárṣate v (kṛṣáti, kṛṣáte), PPP kṛṣṭá (q.v.) drag, draw; pull, tear, bend (a bow); draw furrows, plough (only kṛ́ṣati); draw to one's self, get possession of, overpower. Caus. karṣayati tug, pull, tear, extract; affict, vex (cf. kṛś Caus. ). I. cárkṛṣati plough.


ati draw beyond.

anu draw after one's self; attract from the preceding, supply (g.); quote.

apa draw away, take off; reject, remove; bend (a bow); detract, debase, dishonour. vyapa draw away, take off, doff; reject, remove, abandon.

ava draw or take off, remove, drag down.

ā draw on, attract; bend (a bow); drag away; take off, extract, remove from (Ab). apā turn away, avert from (Ab). vyā draw to one's self; draw off, remove, avert. samā draw near; extract from (Ab).

ud draw out or up, take off; bend (a bow); raise (fig.); rise, be superior.

ni draw down. saṃni P. come near, come in contact with (I).

nis draw out, extract; tear in pieces, rend asunder.

pari draw about, conduct (army); vex afflict; think over, ponder.

pra draw forth, conduct (an army); vex, afflict. vipra draw away, remove. saṃpra the same.

vi draw asunder, tear in pieces; draw towards one's self (arrow), bend (bow), turn up (foam), drag about, pull; conduct (army); extract, deprive, withhold. sama draw together, contract; drag away, carry off.

Cf. apakṛṣṭa, avakṛṣṭa, utkṛṣṭa, nikṛṣṭa, prakṛṣṭa, vikṛṣṭa, viprakṛṣṭa, saṃnikṛṣṭa.