kṣip, “throw”

2 kṣi, kṣī




VI. kṣipáti etc. V.+,-te etc. E.+


kṣipyate E.+ (-yant M.)


Simple Future: kṣepsyati etc. E.+,-te E

Periphrastic Future: kṣeptā


√-Ao: kṣipyāt; akṣepi

RAo: cikṣipat etc. V

-s-Ao: akṣaipsīt, akṣipta


cikṣepa etc. U.E.+, cikṣipe E


kṣepayati etc. E.+


cikṣipsa- (in d.)



Verbal Nouns

PPP: kṣiptá V.+, kṣipita S.; Inf: kṣeptum E.+,-tos B.; 1Abs: kṣiptvā C.;

2 Abs: -kṣipya E.+; -kṣepam E


kṣíp RV.


kṣipti C.


kṣepya C.


kṣeptavya E.+


-kṣipa C.


kṣiprá V.+


kṣepan B.


kṣeptṛ E.+


kṣípā RV.


kṣepa E.+


kṣepaṇa S.+


kṣepnú RV.


kṣipaní RV.


kṣepaka E.+


kṣépiṣṭha B.


-cikṣipsu C.


kṣipaṇú RV.


-kṣepin C.


kṣépīyas B.+





kṣipáti kṣipáte v PPP kṣiptá 1 (q.v.) throw, cast, send; put, place, direct, turn (esp. the eye or mind); hit, hurt; abuse, scold; throw down, cast off, reject; destroy, annihilate; pass, spend (time). Caus. kṣepayati cause to (be) cast, make to descend through (I) into (L).


adhi bespatter, insult, abuse.

apa cast off, take away, remove.

abhi strike at (A).

ava throw down, throw into (L) hurl at (D); take off.

ā throw at (L or D), put in (L); strike, hit; draw near, attract; take away, withdraw, cast off; insult, revile. vyā stretch out (the hand), open (the mouth); strike, attract (the mind). samā throw together, pile up; shake, hurl; take away, tear off, expel, destroy; insult, revile.

ud throw, set or take up, life, raise; extract from (Ab); cast off, get rid of (A). samud throw up, lift; loosen, deliver of (Ab); annihilate, destroy.

upa throw at, hurl against (L); strike, hit, esp. w. words, i.e. either insult, mock, revile, or intimate, insinuate, allege, allude to (A).

ni throw down, place, put, apply; deposit, grant, deliver, entrust, appoint (2A or A of pers. & L of th.); leave, abandon, give up. upani put down. vini throw or put down, commit, entrust.

pari throw beyond, put or lay round, surround, encircle, place or put in (L).

pra throw far, set before; fling at, put in (L); let down.

prati hurt, harm, reject, despise.

vi throw asunder, scatter, dispel, distribute; extend, stretch out; let loose (the bow-string), shoot off (the bow); *handle, manage. pravi toss, harass.

sam throw together, heap up; compress, contract, abbreviate, diminish.

Cf. ākṣipta, vikṣipta, saṃkṣipta.