lamb, “hang down”





I. lambate etc. B.+,-ti etc. E.+


lambyate etc. E.+


Simple Future: lambiṣyati E., alambiṣyata C

Periphrastic Future: lambitā


RAo: alalambat

-iṣ-Ao: alambiṣṭa


lalambe etc. E.+


lambayati etc. E.+,-te C. (lambyate etc. E.+)

Verbal Nouns

PPP: lambita E.+; Inf: lambitum E.+; 2Abs: -lambya E.+


lamba B.+


lambin B.+


lambana E.+


-lambitavya C.


lambaka C.


-lambya C.


-lambuka B.





Compare the other root-form, √ ramb.



lambate (lambati) v PPP lambita (q.v.) hang down, sink; hang upon, cling to (L, w. raśmiṣu let free); stay behind, tarry, lag, linger. Caus. laṃmbayati hang up, suspend; w. karam put the hand to (D).


ava hang down, descend, sink, sit down; hang, lean, rest, depend or rely upon, belong to (A, r. L or I); take hold of, seize, uphold, maintain; take to, affect, pursue (A); linger, tarry. Caus. hang or let down, suspend on (L); seize, take hold of, support, uphold; load upon, impose.

ā hang down; hang or lean, depend or rest upon, hold or stick to (A, r. L); seize, take; support, maintain; take to, affect, pursue assume, show, exhibit. vyā hang down (from all sides), descend. samā cling to, lean or rely upon (A); take hold of, seize, assume; apply or devote one's self to (A). Caus. suspend on (L).

ud Caus. hang, suspend.

pari lag, loiter.

pra hang down.

prati Caus. hang, tie up.

vi hang (on both sides) on (A or L); sink, descend; lag, loiter. Caus. suspend on (L); detain, delay, lag or loiter. pravi Caus. hang, suspend.

Cf. avalambita, ālambita, ullambita (add.), pralambita (add.), vilambita, vilambya, samullambita.