sṛj, “send forth”





I. sárjatas AV.,-anti C. (sarájant RV1?)


VI. sṛjáti -te etc. V.+


sṛjyáte etc. V.+


Simple Future: srakṣyati -te etc. B.+

Periphrastic Future: sraṣṭā ? PB


√-Ao: ásṛgran -ram RV.; ásarji V.B.S.; aṛjāná RV

RAo: asīsṛjat, asasarjat

-s-Ao: asrākṣīt etc. V.+ (asrāk V.B.C1., asrāṭ B., srās AV.; srakṣat B.), ásṛkṣi ásṛṣṭa etc. V.B


sasarja sasṛré etc. V.+ (sasarktha C. sasarjitha sasraṣṭha sasṛjmáhe -jrire RV., sasṛgmáhe SV.; sasṛjyāt asasṛgram RV.)


sarjayati -te etc. B.+


sisṛkṣati etc. B.+ (sisṛkṣmas C1.),-te GB



Verbal Nouns

PPP: sṛṣṭá V.+; Inf: sraṣṭum E.+; 1Abs: sṛṣṭvā B.U.; 2Abs: -sṛ́jya B.+;-sárgam B.,-sárjam B


-sṛj V.+


-sargin S.+


sṛ́ṣṭi V.+


sṛjayá -yā́ B.


sráj V.+


sarjá B.+


sṛṣṭí ŚB1.


sisṛkṣā C.


sṛ́jya B.+


-sarjya E.


sraṣṭavya C.


sisṛkṣu E.+


sárga V.+


sárjana V.+


sraṣṭṛ V.+


sarjayitavya U.+




sṛjáti sṛjáte sárjati v PPP sṛṣṭá 1 (q.v.) let loose, hurl, throw, pour out, emit, send forth; create, produce, beget, make; procure, bestow; use, employ. Caus. sarjayati, te. Des sisṛkṣati, te wish to let loose, Ā (P) wish to create.


ati hurl off, let loose, give up, dismiss, give leave (A); deliver, free from (2A); yield, grant, bestow; Ā create beyond or as something higher.

anu let loose, dismiss, pour out; deliver, grant, bestow; create after (A).

api add to, mingle with (L).

abhi hurl upon (A), let loose, give free, deliver, abandon, promise, grant, bestow.

ava shoot off, pour out, let flow, give up (prāṇān), deliver over, grant, bestow; send away, dismiss (Ā abdicate); remit, pardon; place in, fix on (L). abhyava dismiss, send forth to (A), let loose, let go (the reins). upāva shoot off, admit (esp. the calf to the cow), give over to (A). vyava hurl upon (G), set down, send away, dismiss; hang or fix on (L). samava hurl upon (L), let loose, let go, abandon, omit.

ā shoot hither, pour in or out, admit (esp. to copulation). samā hang, fasten to (L), entrust to (L).

ud cast, hurl, pour out, shed, take off, lay down, depose, place in (L); stretch out, expand, open, set free, send forth, dismiss, give up; relinquish, abandon, despise, repudiate, renounce, resign; omit, pass over; entrust, commit; produce, create. samud hurl, send forth, utter, throw down, cast away, take off; dismiss, set free, let go, relinquish, abandon, expose; deliver up, hand over.

upa hurl, cast, let flow, pour upon; send or bring to (A or D); admit, add, augment; affect or visit with (I), vex, plague.

nis pour out, let flow, set free, dismiss, deliver from (Ab), separate, remove.

pra let run or flow, open, set free, indulge, give up, resign, quit, abandon.

prati hurl against (lit. & fig.), send back.

vi throw, shoot, hurl (lit. & fig.), pour out, send forth, dismiss, emit, utter; let loose, set free, deliver from (Ab); cast away, relinquish, abandon; despise, repudiate, renounce, resign, Ā cease from (Ab); yield, grant, bestow; create, produce. Caus. hurl, send forth, emit, utter, set free, leave alone, spare avoid, shun; abandon, expose; yield, grant, bestow, hand over (L); create, produce. anuvi, abhivi & prativi shoot at (A).

sam shoot or throw with (I); bring together, mix, unite (Ā P. refl.); endow or furnish with (I); create.

Cf. upasṛṣṭa, nisṛṣṭa, sáṃsṛṣṭa.