√ 1 dhā, dadh, “put”


dhā, dadh

2 dhā


I. dádhati -te etc. V.+

II. dhāti RV3

III. dádhāti dhatté etc. V.+

IV. dhāyeta MU., adhāvata M


dhīyáte etc. V.+


Simple Future: dhāsyati -te etc. B.+ (adhāsyat C.)

Periphrastic Future: dhātā etc. B


√-Ao: áhāt adhus etc. V.+ (adhītām RV.; dheyām -yus -yāsus RV.; dhā́tu etc. V.; dhetana RV.TB.), adhithās adhita etc. V.+ (ahita hita AV.TA.; adhīmahi dhīmahi dhīmahe V.B.; dhāmahe RV.; dhiṣe dhire dhéthe dhaithe RV.; dhiṣvá RV.); ádhāyi dhā́yi V.+

Th Ao: adhat SV., dhat RV

-s-Ao: dhāsus dhāsathas -tha V., adhiṣi -ṣata B.+ (dhiṣīya B.S., dheṣīya MS.)

-iṣ-Ao ? dhāyīs RV


dadhaú dadhé etc. V.+ (dadhā́tha V., dadhidhvé -iṣvá -idhvam RV., dadhre RV.)


dhāpayati etc. V.+ dhāpayīta S. (dhāpyate C.)


dhítsati etc. V.+,-te etc. V.+ (dhitsyate C.); dídhiṣate etc. -te etc. RV. adhitsiṣam AA. (dídhiṣāṇa RV.)



Verbal Nouns

PPP: hitá V.+,-dhita V.C.; Inf: dhā́tum B.+,-tave V.B.,-tavaí AV.,-tos V.B.,-dhitum C.; 1Abs: dhitvā́ B. hitvā; 2Abs: -dhā́ya AV.+;-dhā́m AV.; dhiyádhyai RV.;-dhāyam


-dhā̆ V.+


dhāya S.


-dhi V.+


-dadhus MS.


-dhā́na V.+


-dhāyaka C.


-dhiti V.B.S.


dadhiṣú AV.


dhānā́ ? V.+


-dhāyin C.


-hiti V.+


didhiṣú V.+


-dhānīya C.


dhāyyà B.S.


dheya B.+


didhiṣā́yya RV.


dhā́tu V.+


dhā́yu RV.


-dhéya n V.+


-dhitsā E.+


-dhātavya B.+


dhāsí RV.


dhéṣṭha V.B.


-dhitsu S.+


dhātṛ V.+


-dhas V.+


-dadha B.S.


-dhāpana S.


dhā́man V.+


dádhi V.B.


-dhāpayitavya C.






dádhāti dhatté; dádhati dádhāti dhatté dádhate 1 (dhāti, dhāyate) v PPP hitá (q.v.) & dhita (only – ) put, set, lay; put upon, bring to, direct towards (L or D), fix (esp. the mind) upon, think of (L or D); resolve, determine to (D, L, A w. ~ prati, or Inf); establish, constitute, appoint (2A); create, produce, cause, do, make; hold, keep, wear, bear, maintain; Ā take to one's self, receive, obtain, get, win, conceive (gárbham); w. ókam & cánas enjoy, delight in (L or D); assume, incur, show, betray (Ā & P). Caus. dhāpayati (only – ). Des dídhiṣati, the wish to give; Ā wish to win or get, w. avadyam bid defiance (G); dhítsati wish to put or place upon (L).


adhi P set upon (esp. the fire); bestow on (D or L), grant, impart; Ā acquire, get, exhibit.

anu put on additionally; induce to (D). vyanu unfold, exhibit.

antar PĀ put into (L) or between, separate, exclude; hide, conceal, cover; P receive or contain within; keep from (Ab), withhold; P. be covered or hidden, disappear.

apa P take or drive away.

api or pi put in (L); offer or present to (D), bestow on (L); cover, shut up, hide, conceal; P. be hidden, become invisible, disappear in (L).

abhi put on or to, surround or cover with (I), give up to (D), deliver; practice, apply, commit; name, designate; tell (2A); P. be called. pratyabhi draw back, reabsorb; answer, consent.

ava put down or in, immerse (in water), shut up or enclose in (L); be immersed in (L), be attentive. Caus. cause to be laid in. vyava put asunder, place between, separate, interrupt; P. be separated or interrupted.

ā put on (esp. wood on the fire), lay, set, place in or on, direct towards, fix upon (L or D), lay down, deposit; impart, grant, bestow, offer (D, L, or G of pers.), bring to (D), employ at (L); produce, cause, effect; Ā seize, take, receive, conceive (gárbham), appropriate to one's self. atyā place above, extol. adhyā place upon. anvā put on (esp. wood), i.e. set up or kindle (the fire). abhyā the same. upā put on, place upon (L); Ā seize, take. nirā take out or away. paryā lay about, surround. vyā P. be divided, be separated from (Ab); be uncomfortable or ill. samā put on (wood), set up or kindle (fire); lay, set, place on or in (L), turn or fix (the eyes or mind) upon (L), collect or concentrate the mind (ātmānam); impose, adjust, apply; unite, keep together, reconcile, restore, settle, arrange, cause, produce. Ā put on (a garment), conceive (of women), accept, appropriate to one's self, manifest, betray, devote one's self entirely to (A); establish, state, concede, agree. upasamā = anvā + put a thing in its place. pratisamā adjust (the arrow), put in order, restore. udā shut up, erect; cast away, expose.

upa put on or in, w. adhastāt under; put on the fire, put (the horse) to the yoke, put to mind (hṛdi); lie down upon (A), (g.) precede immediately (only P.); commit to (D), impart, teach; add, join; use, employ. tiras set aside, remove, drive back, overwhelm; hide, conceal. Ā be hidden from (Ab), vanish, disappear.

ni lay down, take off, put, set, place in or on (L ~ antár or antar), put before one (D), turn (the eyes) to (L), set the mind i.e. resolve upon (D); deposit, keep, guard; appoint, commit, entrust; keep down, suppress, remove, finish. With kriyām take pains with (L); w. bhūmau or avaṭe bury; w. maulau esteem highly; w. manasi or hṛdaye reflect, ponder; w. máno mánasi consent (lit. put mind to mind). Caus. cause to deposit or to put in (L). adhini lay upon, bestow, impart. apani put aside, remove, drive away. abhini lay on, impose; approach, touch. upani place near, put before (D); lay down, bury (a treasure); deposit, commit, entrust (L); bring about, effect. praṇi lay down, prostrate (the body); put on or in (L); touch, approach with (I), turn or fix (eyes or mind) on (L); be intent upon or attentive to (A); stretch forth, send out (esp. spics, carān), explore, search; find out to be (2A) pratini put instead, substitute; order, command. vini lay apart, distribute, take off or down; put in, fix on, appoint to (L). saṃni lay down (together) in or at (L); place near or aside; keep, preserve, heap up, collect; Ā appoint, assign; w. dṛṣṭim fix on (L), w. hṛdayam concentrate, collect; Ā P. be near or present. Caus. bring near, fetch.

nis find out.

pari PĀ lay or set around, put on, don (vāsas etc.); surround, clothe, dress; P conclude the recitation (r.). Caus. cause to put on (2A), surround or clothe with (I). vipari change, esp. clothes (vāsas). puras Ā (P) put before, place in front or at the head, prefer, choose, be intent on or eager for (A); appoint (esp. to priestly functions); commit, entrust to (D or G).

pra present, offer; set forward, send out (spies).

prati put instead, replace; adjust (the arrow), take aim; put to the lips, set the foot upon (L), stride out; present, offer, restore; Ā commence, begin.

vi distribute, divide; impart, procure, grant; appoint, arrange, settle; destine, design; exhibit, show, betray; find out, produce, found, form, cause, effect, make (in various mgs & w. various nouns = √ 1 kṛ q.v.); make, render (2A); lay, place, put, fix in or on (L); set forward or send out (spies). Des (dhitsati, te) wish to impart, fix, settle, find out, procure, make or render (2A); intend or purpose i.g. anuvi Ā appoint or regulate (in due order); cause or effect (after another), bring about, perform; P. be regulated according to, i.e. obey, follow (A or G). prativi arrange, prepare, make ready; counteract, take measures against (L). saṃvi Ā dispose, arrange; settle, direct, order, appoint; hold up, carry on, manage, employ, use; make or render (2A).

sam put together, connect, compose, unite; close, collect (lit. & fig.); repair, restore; lay down, put in or on (L, esp. śaram dhanuṣi, also absol. = aim, shoot); impart, grant, bestow (together) on (L); Ā bring together, unite; make peace or agree with (I, r. A); stand out against (A), rival, vie. P. be united with = get possessed of (I); be held or contained in (L). anusam add, connect; follow (lit.* & fig.), observe, explore, ascertain. abhisam snap at (L), unite or join, esp. the arrow with the bow (I); bring about, beget; aim at (D or L), purpose, intend (A or D); call to mind, ponder; consent, agree about (A); win over, take in, cheat, deceive. upasam add, increase; join or connect with (I); aim at, keep in view; cheat, deceive. pratisam put together (again), readjust; Ā put on (esp. the arrow on the bow), restore, return.

Cf. atyāhita, antárhita, ápihita, abhíhita, ávahita, ā́hita, úddhita, upasaṃhita, upahita, upādhā́ya, upā́hita, tirohita, níhita, párihita, purohita, praṇihita, vinihita, vihita, vyavahita, vyā́hita, sáhita, saṃnihita, samā́hita.