car, “move”





I. cárati -te etc. V.+


caryáte etc. B.+


Simple Future: cariṣyati etc. B.+,-te B. (acariṣyat M.)

Periphrastic Future: caritā


RAo: ácīcarat etc. AV.+

-s-Ao: acārṣam B.S

-iṣ-Ao: acārīt etc. V.B.U.S. (cacārīt ? U. )


cacā́ra (cacartha C.) cerús etc. AV.+, cere C


cāráyati -te etc. B.+ (cāryate E.+)


cicariṣati etc. ŚB.; cicarṣati KB


carcarīti etc. AV.B.; carcūryá- V.+

Verbal Nouns

PPP: caritá V.+, cīrṇa U.+; Inf: cáritum B.+,-tave V.,-tavaí B.,-tos B.S., cartum E.+; 1Abs: caritvā́ B.+, cartvā M., cīrtvā M.; 2Abs: -cárya B.+; caráse RV.; carádhyai RV.;-cā́ram B


cara V.+


-caraṇīya C.


carṣaṇí V.+


céru RV.


carā́ RV.


-caréṇya RV.


cāra AV.+


cacará RV.


cáraka B.+


caritavya B.+


cāraka E.+


cárcara RV.C.


-cárya AV.+


cartavya E.


cārin V.+


carācará V.B.


-caryā S.+


-caritṛ U.


-cāryá B.+


-cārayitavya C.


carátha RV.


carítra V.+


cāraṇa E.+


-cārayitṛ C.


cáraṇa V.+


cariṣṇú B.+


cāraṇīya C.


cicariṣu B.


caráṇi RV.


-cárṣaṇa? RV.


-cāruka B.





Compare √ cal.


cárati (cárate) v PPP caritá (q.v.) & cīrṇa move, go, drive (w. I), walk, roam, wander through or along (A), pervade, explore (only PPP carita); behave, conduct one's self, act or deal with (I or L), be engaged or busy with (I), have sexual intercourse with (I); continue doing or being (PPP, Adj, ger., or Adv); exercise, perform, produce, cause, effect, do, make, render (2A); consume, eat, feed, pasture. – Caus. cāráyati cause to move, walk, roam, eat, pasture, approach sexually, set in motion, impel; cause to do (2A). Des cicariṣati or cicarṣati try to go, be willing to approach sex. (I). Int carcarīti or carcūryáte (w. P & Ps mg) move quickly or repeatedly, wander, roam (A or L).


áccha move towards (A).

ati escape, go past (A), transgress, also = seq. vyati commit offence against (A).

adhi move on or over.

anu move along or through, follow; move towards, strive after, endeavour to, keep or take to, behave, conduct one's self. Caus. cause to be pervaded or explored by (I).

antar move between or within, be inside (A, L, or G).

apa depart, also = seq.

abhi act wrongly towards (A). vyabhi the same; Ā bewitch, practise sorcery.

ava descend.

ā come near, approach, enter, visit; use, employ, treat (like – vat), apply to (A); behave, conduct one's self; deal with, have intercourse with (I ~ saha), undertake, practise, perform, accomplish, effect, do, make. samā proceed, deal or converse with (I), perform etc. = prec.

ud rise (l. & f.); emit, esp. the excrement, also = Caus. uccārayati utter, pronounce. abhyud rise over (A). prod cause to sound. vyud go forth in different directions; be unfaithful to (A), commit adultery with (I); perform, accomplish.

upa come near, approach, wait on (A), attend, treat with (I), undertake, begin.

nis & vinis go or come forth.

parā go away, depart.

pari walk about, circumambulate; wait upon, serve. Caus. be attended by (I).

pra come forth, appear, succeed, thrive; go towards, arrive at, reach, visit; proceed, undertake, begin; be active or busy with (loc); perform, do. saṃpra begin to move, go on, take place, happen.

vi go asunder, open, spread, be diffused; fall on, attack; walk about, roam, wander, go through, pervade; have intercourse with (I); go astray, fail, sin; practise, fulfil, do. Caus. cause to roam or go astray, corrupt, seduce; move to and fro (in the mind) i.e. deliberate, consider, reflect, ponder, examine, ascertain, state. pravi advance, proceed, go about, roam.

sam come together, meet, approach, arrive, appear, reach to (ā); spread through, pervade; stay, remain; exercise, fulfil. Caus. make to meet, bring into contact, set in motion, cause to go. anusam go after or along, spread through, penetrate, also = seq. abhisam go towards, seek for.

Cf. ācarita, ācaritavya, vicārita.