muc, mokṣ, “release”

mīv, mū

muc, mokṣ



VI. muñcáti etc. V.+,-te etc. V.+; mucánti etc. mucasva etc. (Th Ao?) RV.TA


mucyáte etc. AV.+, múcyase etc. V.,-ti etc. U.E+


Simple Future: mokṣyati -te etc. B.+

Periphrastic Future: moktā


√-Ao: ámok AV. (mogdhí TA.); mucīṣṭa RV.

Th Ao: ámucat etc. V

RAo: amūmucat C

-s-Ao: amauk etc. B. (mokṣīs C.), ámukṣi etc. V.; mukṣīya V.B

Ao/Ps/3/sg: ámoci V.+


mumóca mumucé etc. V.+ (mumoktu etc. V.B., mumócat etc. múmocati mumucas amumuktam RV.)


mocayati -te etc. E.+ (mocyate C.; mumocayiṣa- C.)


múmukṣati -te etc. V.+; mókṣate etc. B.+



Verbal Nouns

PPP: muktá AV.+; Inf: moktum B.+; 1Abs: muktvā́ B.; 2Abs: -múcya V.+; mókam B


-muc V.+


mocya E.+


mucyu GB.


mumucu E.+


-mucī AV.


mócana V.+


-mukṣā MS.


mumukṣā E.+


-muca E.+


mocanīya B.+


mokṣa B.+


mumukṣú V.+


moka ,-kī V.+


-muci E.


mokṣaka E.+


mocayitṛ C.


-mokya AV.


-mucu E.+


mokṣin E.+


mocayitavya C.


moca E.+


múkti AV.+


mokṣya C.


mumocayiṣu E.


mocaka C.


moktavya E.+


mokṣaṇa E.+


mokṣayitavya C.


-mocin C.


moktṛ B.+


mokṣanīya E.


mokṣayitṛ E.








mumokṣayiṣu E.



The desiderative formation mokṣ has nearly the same right to be treated as a separate root that √ bhakṣ has.



muñcáti muñcáte 1 v & mucáti, mucáte, PPP muktá, ger. mukttā́ (q.v.) release, deliver from (Ab or tas) unloose, open; let go, set free, relinquish, abandon, forsake, quit, put off, lay aside, give up, grant, bestow; discharge, shed; emit, utter; send forth, shoot, throw, hurl against (L, D, G, or A w. prati). P.Ā mucyate (múcyate, mucyati) be released from, get rid of, escape (Ab & I, r. G), be deprived of, want (I); be liberated from sin or mundane existence. Caus. mocayati, te release, deliver or redeem from (Ab, r. I), set free, let loose; unbind, open etc., cause to give up or discharge (2A). Des mumukṣati, te P be about to give up or send forth, Ā (also mókṣate) wish to be liberated from (Ab). esp. desire final liberation.


ati P. avoid, escape (A).

abhi let loose, emit, stream forth; throw, hurl, shoot off.

ava loose, release, unyoke, unharness; take off, doff.

ā put on (a garment); let loose, emit, hurl, throw, cast.

ud free or save from (Ab); unfasten, loosen, open; take off, doff; leave, relinquish; give back, restore; send forth, emit, throw, hurl. Caus. deliver from (Ab), loosen, untie (the hair), take off.

upa put on, don.

nis loosen, untie, free from (Ab). P. cast the skin (of a snake), be stripped or deprived of (I). vinis abandon, give up; P. be delivered from (I).

pari free from (Ab), loose, unbind, take off, abandon, give up, send forth, emit. P. get rid of (Ab, G, or I), be liberated from worldly ties.

pra et go release from (Ab), loosen, untie, shake off scare away, abandon, give up, emit, discharge, shed; hurl, shoot off. P. get rid of (Ab or I); become loose, fall off (fruit); leave off, cease. vipra free, deliver, loosen, unfasten, take off. P. be liberated from (Ab), escape.

prati fasten on (L), put on, dress a person (D, L, or G); with (A). Ā dress one's self, assume (a form etc.); set free, release, dismiss, give up, abandon, return, restore (a debt). P. get rid of (Ab). Caus. rescue, save.

vi loosen, unharness, take off (clothes); abandon, quit, give up, avoid, loose, w. na not rest or leave off; forgive, pardon; emit, pour forth, utter; hurl, cast, shoot off, take, assume (a shape). Ā (also P) unharness, put up, stop; (also P.) get loose, fall off; P. be freed or escape from, be deprived of, lose (Ab, Adv in tas, or I). Caus. unloose, unharness, liberate from (Ab), ward off. pravi dismiss, let loose, give up.

sam pourforth, shed (tears). Caus. liberate.

Cf. átimukta, āmukta, unmukta, nirmukta, vinirmukta, vipramukta, vimukta.